Tomato & Mushroom Asian Salad Recipe

Try our easy to prepare asian salad recipe!
This recipe features :
Arroyo Kitchen Delicious Onion Sauce
Little Jasmine Organic Roasted Seaweed
Prep time: Take around 25 b~ 30 minuets to prepare!
Cherry Tomatoes
Nori (roasted seaweed)
1/2 avacado
1 boiled egg
1 tbsp of Arroyo Kitchen Delicious Onion Sauce
2 or 3 tsp of Soy Sauce
1/2 tsp of vinegar
1tsp of Mirin (sweet cooking wine)
Green onions
Olive oil
Cooking Instructions:
Step 1: Boil an egg
Step 2: Make salad dressing 
- Put 1tbsp of AK Delicious Onion Sauce into a bowl 
- Add Soy sauce to the onion sauce
- Add the mirin (sweet cooking wine) and Vinegar
- Add sugar to taste
Step 3: Chop/slice the cherry tomatoes, green onions and avocados. de-shell the boiled eggs. 
Step 4: Assemble the salad!
- Put halved tomatoes tomatoes into a bowl
- Add in the chopped mushrooms 
- Add in the sauce mixture
- Add in the chopped green onions 
- Mix!
Step 5: Add the tomato and mushroom mixture to the salad
Step 6: Top the salad with avocados
Step 7: Drizzle some Olive Oil
Step 8: Add the boiled egg and some Nori (Roasted seaweed)
Step 9: Enjoy!
Here's the cooking instructions but in video format: