Honey Lemon Lavender Concentrate

Especially in exceedingly dry and scorching days, staying hydrated is a  essential must-do. Staying hydrated can help you avoid heat-related illnesses like heat exhaustion and heat strokes. When someone is experiencing heat exhaustion, they tend to feel faints or dizzy, sweat excessively, have nausea or vomit, feel muscle craps, have cool skin and have weak but rapid pulse. When having heat strokes, symptoms of having throbbing headache, overheated body temperature, feeling nausea or vomiting, not sweating, having strong and rapid pulse, and losing conscious are often. Regular intakes of liquids can prevent overheating, not only does water have a cooling effect on your body, it can also help out your heart. Proper intake of water helps your body stay regulated and makes it easier for your heart to pump blood.  However, plain old water can be overly boring and sugary caffeinated beverages like soft drinks are especially unhealthy. Be more conscious of the beverages you consume and take control of the amount of sugar and ingredients by  creating your own beverages. The benefit of creating your own beverage is not only much more healthier, but it is also cost effective (depending on the ingredients). 

Benefits of consuming lemon juice:

1. Promotes hydration 2. Good source of vitamin C 3. Helps control weight

4. Improves skin quality

5. Aids digestion

6. Helps prevent kidney stone


Benefits of consuming honey

1. Clean and clears skin 2. Can help improve cholesterol 3. Can suppress coughs

4. Boost immune system

5. Promote weight loss

6. Flush toxin out of the body


Benefits of consuming lavender bitter

1. Stress and anxiety relief

2. High antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties

3. Liver cleaning and better digestion

We highly recommend trying out this recipe because lemon juice, honey, and lavender bitters are good for the body and they are great against the blazing summer heat!



Serving size: 16oz


6 whole lemons

6 tbsp of pure honey

8 oz of water

Fresh mint leaves

6 drops of lavender bitter